Comparing Chiefs Wideout Otis Taylor's Career With His Hall of Fame Contemporaries is Easier Than You Think
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Comparing Chiefs Wideout Otis Taylor's Career With His Hall of Fame Contemporaries is Easier Than You Think

There was nobody more feared in the game of football in the 1960s and 70s than Otis Taylor. Most of us don't even know who he is these days, but if you saw him play back then, you KNOW HE SHOULD BE IN THE PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME.

Despite still holding several Chiefs receiving records, and sharing an NFL Record with just one other player --  None other than the Consensus Greatest Of All Time, Jerry Rice -- Legendary Kansas City wideout Otis Taylor REMAINS on the outside looking in at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  

Yes, you read that correctly. And maybe you should take a minute to let that sink in.  

Taylor, Arguably the Best, and Certainly the most most-dangerous wide receiver of his generation, a part of two championship Chiefs teams in the American Football League (AFL) and a Super Bowl IV Title in 1969 does not own a Gold Jacket or have his Bust in Canton, Ohio next to the league's other all-time greats of the era.  

What's worse is that many of those "all-time greats" who played during the 1960s and '70s like Taylor, but were never his equal, DO HAVE their place in the Hall, many of them without superior statistics to Taylor's.  

Not only that, but none of Taylor's receiving contemporaries were EVER named LEAGUE MVP by a National publication or News Service like the 6-3, blazing-fast and tough-as-nails Taylor was by UPI (United Press International) voters following his sensational 1971 season when he led the league in receiving yards following the Chiefs' Super Bowl run the year before.   

Taylor tied for 2nd in The Associated Press MVP Award voting with Roger Staubach the same season, a feat also NEVER ACHIEVED by any of his fellow receivers in either the AFL or NFL during the years immediately preceding or following the AFL-NFL Merger (1960-80).  

In actuality, no other receiver besides 49ers All-Time Great Jerry Rice can say they were ever named MVP by a nationally recognized publication or news service like Taylor was in 1971.   

Yes, AGAIN, you read that CORRECTLY, and if it bothers you the way it bothers us that Otis Taylor is not in the Hall of Fame, please follow the link below and send the Hall a letter on behalf of Otis, and demand he be inducted into the Hall of Fame Now!

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