Wolves & Pacers to Conference Finals | Disgruntled Thunder Player | NBA TV MONIES!
UNFAIR SPORTSMay 21, 202400:37:2034.18 MB

Wolves & Pacers to Conference Finals | Disgruntled Thunder Player | NBA TV MONIES!

On todays episode of UNFAIRSports, Jay dives into the Minnesota Timberwolves shutting up the doubters (02:37), The Knicks getting all the attention in the Pacers victory (08:35), Oklahoma City Thunder showing some maturity and one player showing a lack of it (14:57) NBA New TV Deal is about to EXPLODE The cap again?! (27:45)

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Chapters -
00:00:00 Intro
00:02:37 Wolves back down Nuggets!
00:08:35 Knicks/Pacers Epic Series
00:14:57 Thunder Maturity and lack there of
00:27:45 NBA TV Deal To EXPLODE

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